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Job title: Jobs – Head of Content

Salary: Competitive

The start-up: The next big thing in British menswear. They’re building the UK’s first digitally-native menswear brand. And ‘brand’ is at the hearth of the growth journey.

Other goodies: Stock options

What you'll be doing:

  • We’re looking for a writer. But this is not another writing gig. It’s an opportunity to shape a brand. To define a tone of voice. To grow something. 

What's to love: They’re in the sweet spot: they have real traction – but they’re still young enough that you’ll see your impact every day.

What they'll love:

  • We’re looking for someone who:
  • Can originate creative feature / campaign ideas
  • Can shape a real content strategy for our brand’s most distinctive feature – our tone of voice
  • Writes clean, sharp copy. Our house style is pretty sparse and stripped back
  • Reliably makes us laugh
  • Understands our customer. Instinctively
  • Is an inveterate writer - someone who writes because they love doing it, in any domain - press, magazines, screenplays, ad copy, blogging. If you’ve got a novel on the go, so much the better
  • Is curious, to the point of obsession. Hungry to know what’s new, and how to make things work better. You should be like our customer, plugged in, switched on, and tapped in to the zeitgeist - with a clear point of view what to watch, read, wear and listen to.

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Posted on: June 29th, 2018

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