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Job title: Jobs – Product Director

Salary: Competitive

The start-up: One of the fastest growing tech companies in the UK, backed by leading VC's

Other goodies: Equity in the company; a dog-friendly office in Victoria; flexible working hours.

What you'll be doing:

  • We’re looking for a Product Director to lead us through a very exciting part of our journey.
  • We've grown very nicely with our current offering and are now making big fundamental improvements to our existing products and in building totally new products to serve our customers better. We want our product team and processes to be known as world-class, and this role will be responsible for making this happen.
  • There’s currently 7 product teams, working across everything.
  • We believe great design is a key competitive advantage, this role will have the design team reporting to them; they want design thinking throughout their product planning and creation, to create clear and intuitive products for their customers

What's to love: A chance to have an enormous impact and share in the value you create.

What they'll love:

  • Customer first approach
  • Love working on creating processes that work smoothly for everyone involved
  • An inspirational leader, and coach, who people love working for and with
  • Commercially strong, with experience working in a business outside of just product teams
  • Decisive. Not afraid to say no to anyone at any level, not afraid to make the hard decisions
  • Places a strong value in great product design
  • Experience working closely with a data team, using customer data to drive decision-making (incl. A/B testing, User Testing (done-in-house), Analytics, etc).
  • A great communicator. Able to get people excited and behind ideas, great at training teams to communicate effectively with the whole business
  • Experience running product across multiple teams in a high-growth company

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Posted on: December 20th, 2018

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