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Job title: Jobs – Strategist

Salary: Competitive

The start-up: We help businesses enter and succeed in China

Other goodies: Mobile phone allowance, Private healthcare / health allowance, Perkbox, Flexible working hours, Fully stocked kitchen, Regular socials, Regular Training

What you'll be doing: Thought leadership

  • Actively seek out and stay on top of market / consumer / brand / digital / commercial trends in China, ensuring that you are a current and credible China expert.
  • Develop a deep understanding of global brands and how they are nuanced and translated across geographies, but specifically how they are made relevant to Chinese consumers.
  • Conduct research, go to industry events, network, and subscribe to and read industry publications, in order to be considered highly credible in the industry / sector.
  • Help position us as a thought leader in the Chinese market, by contributing to white papers, website blog posts etc.
Strategy offering and processes
  • Develop a thorough understanding of our products and services and how they are delivered.
  • Work with internals teams in optimising, evolving, standardising, and embedding the company’s strategy offering.
New business support
  • Attend pitches, demonstrating to clients your knowledge of China and their brand, alongside your ability to solve their business challenges.
Creating and delivering strategies
  • Attend client immersion sessions, know what questions to ask in order to be able to create an actionable strategy for the client.
  • Brief and work with the Creative Team to devise creative concepts that will help the brand appeal to Chinese consumers.
  • Conduct insightful audits of the client’s current setup with regards to brand, digital, e-commerce, content and operational setup. Identify issues and opportunities.
  • Relying on data, insights, past case studies, and using your knowledge of the client / China / market, craft a strategy that will enable the client to succeed in China and/or attract Chinese consumers locally.
  • Convert your strategy into a document / report, that clearly guides the client through the actions they will need to take (and why) in order to succeed in China. Outline the specific and measurable results the client can expect to realise, and include a 3-year roadmap on how to achieve those results. This should include an outline of tactical campaigns and their intended ROI.
  • Construct a compelling narrative that will guide the client through your strategy - both informing them of what to do and why, and getting them excited about the journey ahead of them.
  • Amend strategies based on client requests / feedback / campaign performance, knowing how to communicate what is and isn’t possible in order to achieve the intended results.

What's to love: We are looking to hire a Strategist to join our growing Strategy Team. Using your expertise and insights you will craft actionable market entry strategies that will help brands succeed in China.

What they'll love:

  • Experience working with international brands and clients.
  • Experience designing and delivering strategies, ideally market entry strategies.
  • Excellent commercial understanding - able to calculate and demonstrate ROI to clients.
  • Expertise in one of more of the following disciplines : brand / consumer, digital, commercial, content, operations.
  • Passionate about new technologies, platforms, market trends, and social trends in China.
  • Excellent pitching, storytelling and writing skills.
  • Consulting and / or business analysis experience is an advantage.

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Posted on: February 21st, 2019

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