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Hi, I’m Catherine!

I set-up Lovework with the sole aim of connecting exceptional people to exciting job opportunities.

I noticed that entrepreneurial businesses, more than any other, need the very best team of people to help their ventures become truly successful. And yet, such businesses usually lack the recruitment function and budget that many bigger companies have at their disposal. Further, in this high-growth and early stage environment, Managers and Directors tend not to have sufficient time to dedicate to searching for new recruits, since all hands are needed on deck to push the business forward.

At the same time I noticed that, for many high-flying individuals, who thrive under pressure and by challenging themselves day to day, the established blue-chip does not always offer sufficient stimulation and satisfaction. Such high-fliers might be desperate for the level of responsibility and challenge that a start-up role offers, but may be unaware of how to go about finding such opportunities.

This was the inspiration behind Lovework. Drawing on my experience working in a start-up, we proactively source candidates with the skills and competencies I have learned are essential to excel in this environment. We help new ventures to source the very best team of people to enable them to become tomorrow’s success story and exceptional candidates to find stimulating and exciting, entrepreneurial careers.


Catherine (Founder)

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