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Things happen so quickly with Lovework that we thought it would be a nice idea to keep you up to date with little things that happen with us right here!

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  • Entrepreneur Country Start-Up Of The Week: Lovework


    Lovework is Entrepreneur Country’s Start-up of the Week: Entrepreneur Country Startup of the Week


    Posted on: March 17th, 2014

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  • Lovework’s Catherine Kennard in The Next Women: “With Passion And Commitment Anything Is Possible!”


    Lovework in the press: Interview Catherine Kennard The Next Women


    Posted on: March 7th, 2014

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  • Find out why these guys love their start-up careers!


    I am frequently asked to explain why I think start-up careers are so much more attractive than blue-chip ones. My answer is always long …there are so many reasons!

    For example, in a high-growth, entrepreneurial environment, there are more jobs than there are people to do them. This means that start-ups offer employees an unparalleled breadth of experience. Not only is this hugely exciting- no two days are ever the same- it also means that employees learn so much more than they would in a relatively narrow role elsewhere. This is coupled with the fact that you get so much more exposure to the leadership team in a small business. Further, the pace of growth and change creates limitless opportunities. As a result career progression is so much faster than it would be in a large corporate. Progression is also meritocratic and governed by you: you can truly be the master of your own destiny whereas, in a large business, one’s career path is often already mapped out for them.

    Beyond this, the ownership, sense of responsibility and ability to make a significant impact is unparalleled elsewhere. You are a big cog in a small machine and the agile and ever-changing nature of start-ups, as well as the pace of change, means you can move ideas from conception to realisation very quickly. This is hugely exciting and stimulating and really gets you out of bed in the morning. It is so empowering to know that you are making a genuine difference and so rewarding to see a tangible outcome of your work.

    … I could go on all day!

    But then I figured, “Who knows better than our network of candidates and clients currently working in cutting-edge start-ups?” And so, I put this question to them. Here are the responses I received:

    “Influence, Involvement, Excitement” (Rachel, Vivid Drinks);

    “Impact, Accountability, Pace” (James Bagley, Naked Wines);

    “Creativity, Pace, Variety” (Vic, Charlie Bigham’s);

    “Opportunity, Pace of Change and Influence” (Andy, Tough Mudder);

    “Pushing yourself, Making a Difference, Taking Responsibility for your Work” (Eamon, Naked Wines);

    “Tangible Results, New Challenges, Constant Drive” (Laura, The Fold);

    “Responsibility, Creativity and Opportunity” (Alice, Raconteur Media);

    “Agile, Collaborative, Excitement of Creating Something New” (Melissa,;

    “Fast-paced, Dynamic and Varied” (Alex, Parkatmyhouse);

    “Collaborative, Ever-changing, Exciting” (Mark, onefinestay);

    “Flexibility, Independence, Dynamic” (Rosalind, Raconteur Media);

    “Hands-On, Sense of Urgency, Disruptive” (Kathleen, Stella&Dot);

    “Variety, Visibility, Ownership” (Dan A, Peppersmith;)

    “Impact , Hands-on, Team Spirit” (Charlotte, Little Dish).

    Posted on: March 6th, 2014

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